Frequently Asked Questions

Commitment is a cornerstone of our core values at Fixalign, as we dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to providing our patients with the highest quality aligner treatment, continuous innovation, and unwavering support.

What’s your main dental service?

Our main dental service at Fixalign Aligner Company is providing custom-made clear aligners that help in straightening teeth and achieving a confident, beautiful smile.

Do you offer appointments on weekends?

Yes, we offer weekend appointments to accommodate our patients' busy schedules and provide flexibility in their orthodontic treatment journey.

How many dentists do your clinic has?

At FixAlign, we operate in multiple clinics and countries, which allows us to have a diverse and evolving team of doctors to provide the best possible care for our patients.

What is the cost for an appointment?

At Fixalign, we offer free initial consultations to assess your orthodontic needs. The cost of the treatment varies depending on the specific treatment plan chosen by each patient, and detailed pricing information can be found in the Plans section of our website.

How can I book an appointment with Fixalign?

Booking an appointment with Fixalign is easy. You can either call our hotline directly or use our online appointment booking system on our website.

How soon can I get an appointment at Fixalign?

We strive to offer prompt service and can usually schedule appointments within a few days, depending on availability.

Can I reschedule my appointment if necessary?

Absolutely! We understand that plans can change, and we are happy to accommodate appointment rescheduling requests upon prior notice.

How long does a typical appointment at Fixalign last?

A typical appointment at Fixalign usually lasts around 30 minutes.

Are consultations at Fixalign free of charge?

Yes, consultations at Fixalign are completely free of charge.

Will I receive a personalized treatment plan during the consultation?

Yes, during the consultation, our orthodontic experts will provide you with a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Can I ask questions and discuss any concerns I have during the consultation?

Absolutely! We encourage you to ask questions, share your concerns, and discuss any aspect of your treatment during the consultation. We are here to address all your queries.

Can I start the aligner treatment immediately after the consultation?

Yes! We offer a next day treatment delivery after agreeing on the treatment plan.

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